The Virtual Office – Work Place of the Future

For a lot of people going to the office each day is seen as a undesirable, but necessary chore. Many people would prefer to work at home at least part time. A virtual office would provide the opportunity of working in a location outside the home. This would provide a place where dressing in work attire would not be required. In addition, travel to and from work would be eliminated. Furthermore, the owners would not have the expenses of maintaining a brick and mortar building, such as lighting, heating, cooling, cleaning, costs, etc. These are not only monetary saving to a business, especially a small business, but also environmental “green” considerations.

Also, a virtual office would mean something else. Location would not be important. Therefore, employees would not necessarily need to live and work in a defined area. However, they would have to speak the same language. How can this be done? I think this is the way of the future. It is done by using a virtual setting on the Internet. There are some quality products available that lend especially well to doing this.

How could this work? There are many possible scenarios, depending on a specific company. But, let us take a general example. The boss or business owner would enter the virtual conference room with an Internet connecting and and placing the link into the URL browser window. He would do this from home or from a location of his or her choosing. The 오피employees would also enter the same room through the Internet. The virtual rooms today have an area where everyone can see who is present. During this morning conference the manager or owner can give out the assignments for the day and answer questions as needed. Then the individual workers would disburse to do their work. The boss could remain accessible throughout the day to answer questions or give advice as needed. It would be up to the individual company if there would be an end of the day meeting as well. This could be done one or more days a week or full time. That would be a company decision.

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