Smartphones – Just How Smart Are They?

It seems like only yesterday when we first saw the emergence of the cell phone – remember those giant radioactive dinosaurs from the ’80s? Times have changed and so have cell phones. At one time the ability to make a phone call without any wires attached was a revolutionary and astounding accomplishment to say the least. Over the last couple of decades we’ve seen the evolution of this technology including many incarnations of cellular phone shapes, sizes and features including the emergence of text messaging and Smartphones.

There is no doubt that the cellular phone changed our lives forever, in fact many people no longer use landline telephones and opt for the convenience and affordability of the mobile phone. Now, nearly 30 years after the commercial arrival of the cell phone we have the “Smartphone.” What is a smart phone you wonder? The term Smartphone essentially refers to mobile phones with advanced capabilities – phones that act more like your home computer than a regular cell phone. oppo a53

With so many new features available in a Smartphone, we are quickly seeing a shift from regular mobile phone use to the more sophisticated technology behind a Smartphone. When people think of Smartphones they usually think of the Blackberry from RIM and the iPhone from Apple – but the truth is, most cell phone manufacturers are following suit and enhancing their products with abilities beyond just talking and texting, creating yet a newer generation of Smartphones in the process.

Some of the main features that attract consumers to Smartphones are:

– Mobile internet/web browsing – search Google, Yahoo! and other search engines from your Smartphone and connect to your favorite sites from anywhere.
– Mobile email – stay in touch with the office or friends and family with email on the go
– Maps and GPS – don’t worry about getting lost again – many Smartphones now come with built-in GPS and maps
– Apps – there are too many great applications you can install on your Smartphone to list here, but some include: games, weather apps, social media apps, music apps and more.


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